With many years of combined experience, Ur Next Cleaning Services is, without doubt, your best choice for road sweeping services in the area.  We are certified and licensed to provide road sweeping and related services in the area.

Our road sweeping services are available on contract and you can also call us to arrange for the service on a strictly ad-hoc basis. This service is available all year round, and you can rely on Ur Next Cleaning Service to deliver, regardless of the weather. We also provide emergency street and road sweeping following bad storms

Clean Roads And Streets

On reasons why regular road and street sweeping is important, the list is quite long. To begin with, improved aesthetics is a primary benefit that you can look forward to enjoying.  Roads that are clear of litter and debris are definitely more attractive and people will take pride in such.

Cleans roads are safe roads. Litter, however seemingly little, could be the very reason behind devastating accidents on the road as a result of skidding and sliding. Additionally, rocks and other debris can get trapped in the underside of vehicles where they may cause serious damage.

Proper stormwater runoff management is especially difficult if a buildup of debris is blocking the roadway gutters. Water will not drain as fast, which will only result in blocked drains and storm drain backups.

Keeping the roadways and streets free of abrasive debris also helps in avoiding damage to the road surfaces. The roads will stay looking good for longer, and the municipal and other relevant agencies will not have to worry about spending money on repairing prematurely damaged road surfaces.

Community Pride

Clean roads and streets always inspire a sense of pride among the members of any community. It’s always a great reason to ensure that road sweeping is not just a one-off service but one that is done on the regular. As a locally-owned company, Ur Next Cleaning Services also takes great pride in seeing the streets and roads clean and that is why you can rest assured that we will always do the best that we can. This is our community and we are invested in ensuring that it stays clean at all times.

Road Sweeping For All

For our street and road sweeping service, we work with private property owner associations, both residential and commercial, as well as the local municipal. We do not disappoint and our clients can speak to our commitment towards absolute customer satisfaction.  Whether it’s a street, or pavement within your neighbourhood, a by-road within the city or a major highway, you can trust Ur Next Cleaning Services to meet all your road sweeping needs.

The Right Street Sweepers

You can trust us with all your road sweeping needs because we have the right equipment for the job.  We have the latest, top-of-the-range street sweeper units and other equipment from top manufacturers such as Tennant.

We only use equipment that meets Australian standards. We have vacuum sweepers, mechanical power sweeper units as well as regenerative street sweepers.  Our fleet of street sweepers is fitted with the latest and most innovative features including angle brushes for more satisfactory results. Regardless of the length and how narrow or how wide the stretch of your street or roadway is, rest assured that we have a sweeper unit that is just perfect for the job.

Protecting Air Quality

At Ur Next Cleaning Services, we use road sweepers with powerful dust suppression capabilities. That, and the fact that our crew is skilled in the best sweeping techniques, we guarantee control of the emission of fugitive dust and other matter even as we go about keeping your roads and streets clean.  We are concerned about ensuring that our activities do not have a negative impact on the quality of the air around and the environment in general.

Safety Always

Each unit in our top-of-the-range fleet of road sweepers is kept in great working condition through regular maintenance. We do a thorough inspection before dispatching the sweepers in order to avoid any accidents or incidences related to putting to work equipment that is not at its best. Additionally, all our operators are trained in the safe handling and operation of these units. Our operators are very attentive on the job and always ensure that they stick to a slow speed not only for a more efficient clean but also for a safer one.

Our sweepers are fitted with beepers and beacons that help signal to other road users.  Coning off lanes or sections of the road that we are servicing also helps with ensuring the safety of other road users.

Customised Sweeping Programs

Some streets and roads will require service every couple of days, others every week, and others bi-weekly. The best frequency of service will depend on several factors including both vehicular and foot traffic.  With our in-depth understanding of all things road sweeping, our knowledgeable team will advise on the exact frequency of service that is suited for you.

Again, the kind of sweeper that works on one street may not be the best choice for the next street. We carefully select every piece of equipment to ensure that it is right for the job at hand.

Our road sweeping service is available 24/7 and yours is to let us know which times work best. For major roads and highways that have heavy traffic for the most part of the day, we are always ready to come in when things have really slowed down, whichever time that may be. As always, we do our best to offer a very flexible schedule, tailored to accommodate the specific schedule of each of our clients.






Talk To Us

You can also enjoy clean and tidy-looking streets and roads. Our road sweeping operatives and equipment are always ready to go. We are always happy to hear from you. Get in touch with us for all enquiries regarding our road sweeping service. We also provide a free, obligation-free proposal and quote.