No doubt about it, pressure washing is one of the most effective cleaning techniques when you need to remove the most stubborn of stains from different surfaces. Add in the hot water element in pressure cleaning, and those tough-to-remove stains do not stand a chance.

The experts at Ur Next Cleaning Services know all too well what it takes to achieve that perfect pressure or power washing job. For starters, the right equipment. Secondly, placing this equipment in the hands of well-trained and experienced operators.

Another crucial element that cannot be understated is the use of the right detergent or cleaner. Your pressure washing experts at Ur Next Cleaning, are conscious of this vital fact. It is for this reason that careful consideration goes into choosing a cleaner or detergent solution before it is used for the different pressure washing jobs.

What then, is the criteria used in this selection process? Here is a quick look at some of the items in our checklist before giving the green light to a particular cleaner.

Designed For Use In Pressure And Power Washers

For varied reasons, not every cleaner can be used in pressure washers. The household cleaner certainly won’t make the cut, but not just because it is not a commercial or industrial-grade cleaner.

There are some concentrated detergents formulated for use in pressure and power washers. Some detergents, for example, will disintegrate and decompose, and in turn, lose their cleaning power when under high pressure and high temperature. The opposite works for cleaners designed for use in power and pressure washers in that they become even more effective in these conditions of high temperatures and pressure.

Suited To The Job At Hand

While a particular cleaner may give excellent results when used for removing graffiti off of a building, it may not perform as well if used to remove oil stains off of the same building. Different cleaners have different compositions, and their efficacy in dealing with a particular cleaning job will depend on this composition.

Away from cleaner efficacy, it is also worth noting that the composition of a particular cleaning solution may render it a bit harsh to use on certain surfaces. While a cleaner may be perfect for power washing your driveway, for example, it may only damage your timber deck if used to clean it.  You want your surfaces intact at the end of the cleaning job.

Minimal Or Zero Effect On The Longevity Of The Equipment

At Ur Next Cleaning Services, no expense is spared in acquiring only a top-quality fleet of washers and other equipment. The benefits of this carefully considered purchasing decision is that such equipment is unparalleled performance, a long lifespan. The equipment also attract very little in maintenance costs.

Unfortunately, the use of the wrong cleaners can change all that. With most inferior-grade cleaners, there’s an expected build-up of hard-water deposits that will not only reduce the performance of the pressure washers but will also its lifespan in the long run.

On the other hand, the build-up of such deposits is a non-issue with machine-friendly cleaning solutions. Additionally, the composition includes corrosion inhibitors that work to preserve the components of the pressure washers, keeping maintenance costs low, and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

Biodegradable And Environmentally-Friendly

Will the discharge from your pressure washing job have negative repercussions on the environment? Will it cause damage to the surrounding plants? What about any effect on the soil’s health and ability to sustain productivity?

Ur Next Cleaning Services is passionate about protecting the environment. Any cleaning solution that may have an adverse effect on the environment, however small it may seem, is, without question, not considered for use with our pressure washers. This is the reason why we stick to gentle, biodegradable cleaners that are friendly on the environment.

In Conclusion

Whether you need to have your driveway, patio or deck cleaned, or you need us to remove graffiti branding from off of your building, we have the right tools, including the right cleaners for the job.

As highlighted, thorough vetting goes into the final decision of what cleaner to use. If it’s right for the pressure job at hand, is designed for pressure washers, and good on both our equipment and the environment, then our team will consider it.

Ur Next Cleaning Services is committed to delivering the best possible results for each pressure washing job. Ensuring that we have the right implement, key among them being the right cleaner, is a reflection of this commitment.