Graffiti plastered all across your commercial or industrial business will do more than take away from the aesthetics. You may not get a second chance to make a good first impression, and there is no doubt about the kind of impression an office complex or industrial plant tagged with graffiti will leave on potential clients, investors and other stakeholders

That said, you will no doubt want to get rid of the graffiti. To ensure that you get the graffiti removal process right, here is a look at a few highlights you will want to keep in mind

  1. Leave The Job To The Professionals

logo1How hard can it be to scrub that graffiti off of your walls? Quite hard, actually. Not so much hard as it is about knowing what to do. This is why you should get graffiti removal specialists to do the work for you.

 Using the right solvents, chemicals, and methods such as high-pressure cleaning, the experts will get every last bit of the graffiti off your building.

You may be tempted to go the DIY way to save some money. What happens when you do a shoddy job and end up making a bigger mess of things? You will end up calling the professionals to get it right, with a very high likelihood that you will pay more because there is a bigger mess to handle.

It is also worth pointing out that depending on the type of paint in question, graffiti removal can be quite a time-consuming process. Best to spend your time focused on attending to your business than taking on this task.

  1. Eye On The Clock

How fast should you make arrangements for professional graffiti removal? As soon as possible. As a matter of fact, you should be on the phone talking to cleaning companies as soon as you get past the graffiti work and into your building.

The sooner you can get the experts to work, the better. Removal is much easier in the first few hours after the tagging, although real professionals will have no trouble working on graffiti that’s been on there a while.

The paint used for marking your building may also cause some damage to your walls and especially if left to sit for too long. Avoid the extra expense of repairs and surface restoration by getting rid of the graffiti as soon as possible.

Most importantly, every second that vandalistic art stays may mean trouble for your business. You wouldn’t want to lose good business and promising leads because you waited too long to get the graffiti removed.

  1. Watch Out For The Environment While At It

One of the things you should ask your cleaning company is about the type of products that they use for graffiti removal. Do not believe the myth that those highly-concentrated and corrosive chemicals are the most effective in breaking down the graffiti. They may get the job done, alright, but at the expense of the environment.

There are eco-friendly alternatives that are just as effective, if not more effective. As a responsible business owner or manager, you should be concerned about any impact the graffiti removal will have on the environment. Insist that the cleaning crew stick to the safe and eco-friendly products and cleaning methods.

  1. Invest In Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Vandals will look at your building exteriors after a graffiti removal job and see the perfect canvas for their next tagging job. How about making things much easier for when the vandals strike again by investing in anti-graffiti paint and coatings.

These coatings create a protective layer over your building onto which spray paint cannot adhere. The next time vandals try to tag your building, cleaning up will be as easy as wiping off the tags with a graffiti remover.

Graffiti taggings deface property and will only hurt your business. Big or small, this can be a real nuisance for businesses of any size operating in any industry. Get it right with the removal process, and you can restore your building to its former state, or even better.

As outlined, getting it right means getting a cleaning company with the expertise and experience to do the job for you as opposed to going at it yourself. Time is of the essence, and you should act fast to get rid of the graffiti. Be careful with your choice of graffiti removal products and solutions. Lastly, protect your surfaces from vandal attacks in the future by investing in premier quality anti-graffiti coatings.