There are several types of street sweepers falling into three broad categories, namely mechanical broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers, and regenerative-air sweepers. Getting the job done, and done right requires the use of the right equipment.

That said, a company committed to offering the best and most professional road sweeping service will invest in the best equipment there is in the market. Here is a quick rundown of what the best road sweeping and street sweeping companies put into consideration when selecting sweeper units to add to their fleet 

1. A Thorough Evaluation of The Requirements

Some sweepers are more suited for streets in the city and highways, and others are more suited for use in construction sites. The choice of model should take into account the use to which the sweeper will be put in order to avoid a mismatch with the needs. Sweepers to be used in highways, for example, may need to be able to go at certain speeds.

2. Choosing the Right Manufacturer

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As with every industry, there are reputable names in the business of making road sweepers. Sticking to factory direct supply from these manufacturers is guarantee enough that clients will be getting service from the highest quality of equipment. Check out Tennant Australia.

A company dedicated to doing the best will appreciate all too well that the lowest bid or the cheapest products in the market may not be the best choice. You do, after all, get what you pay for, and a professional company will not hesitate to spend a little more on acquiring the best road sweepers there are in the market.

3. Going For Value-adding Technology

Road sweepers have come a long way, and thanks to advances in product technology, today’s units come with a wide range of innovative features. New and innovative in itself does not cut it, and that is why every feature should be assessed based on the value it adds to the sweeping process.

 A side-broom tilt within the sweeper truck, for example, makes it convenient for the operators to clean all around without having to get out of the cab. It all comes down to reviewing the impact of each individual feature.

4. Spending On A Few “Extras”

A few extras here and there to make the operator more comfortable will also impact on how productive they are on the job. This comfort doesn’t have to mean buying a CD-player for the sweeper, but other things such as ergonomic air seats can make a world of difference. A working air conditioner in each of the units, on the other hand, is more a must than a luxury. You can, however, replace the standard air conditioning with a system that performs more efficiently, ensuring the comfort of the operators at all times.

5. Demonstrations And Training

Every road sweeping company should not skip out on the demonstration process after buying a new piece of equipment. Representatives from the manufacturer or suppliers will no doubt be more than glad to do as many demonstrations runs as it may take, and will readily answer any questions. These demonstrations may help determine whether or not the sweepers are a good fit.

If operators are not a part of that demonstration by the supplier, the company must ensure that the relevant information trickles down to them. The operators should receive ample training on all the dos and don’ts of working with the equipment for maximum efficiency and everyone’s safety.

6. The Question Of Maintenance

Before buying a particular unit, a company may want to consider how easy or difficult it will be to get spare parts if a replacement becomes necessary. Will maintenance, servicing, and repairs be something that the in-house team can take care of, or just the equipment be sent to the supplier or manufacturer for the same.

Needless to say, the latter option can be quite inconvenient. However, it is vital to ensure that everyone is clear on what to do as regards maintenance. It is also worth noting that going against what the manufacturer or supplier recommends may result in voiding the warranty.

As highlighted, there are many factors to consider in ensuring that a company buys and adds the right road sweepers to its fleet. It is not something to rush over, and a professional company that appreciates the impact that their choice will have will take their time and even do some comparison shopping. It is also beneficial to ask for the input of experts who may understand more about, say, the technical specs of the equipment.